2f3e5fd0 Replacement of lamps

When replacing a lamp be convinced that ignition and switches of lighting are switched off. Use lamps with the rated power specified in the table.

For prevention of receiving a burn do not replace a lamp while they are hot.
In halogen lamps there is a gas under pressure therefore the special address with these lamps is required. They can blow up or break if are scratched or will fall. Surely you hold a lamp for the plastic or metal case. Do not touch barehanded a glass part of a lamp.

The inside of the lens of external illumination, for example, of headlights, can temporarily mist over when the lens becomes wet during a rain or in an automobile sink. It is not a problem because fogging happens because of a difference of temperatures between external and an internal part of the lens, like fogging of a windshield at a rain.
А: Halogen lamps of H7;
В: Halogen lamps of NVZ;
С: Halogen lamps of HB4;
D: Lamps with a bayonetny socle
Е: Lamps with a bayonetny socle (yellow);
F: Lamps with a knife socle.