2f3e5fd0 External examination of the rechargeable battery

Check the rechargeable battery for lack of the corrosion or weakened sockets of plugs, cracks or weakening of a clamping bracket.
If the rechargeable battery was affected by corrosion, wash out the battery solution of warm water and baking soda. For prevention of development of corrosion apply on plugs outside jellied lubricant.
If sockets of plugs are weakened, then tighten tightening nuts – but it is not too strong.
Surely tighten a clamping bracket to the effort sufficient for reliable fastening of the rechargeable battery on the place. Too strong tightening can damage the case of the rechargeable battery.
If the rechargeable battery is disconnected or discharged, then automatic functioning of the electrohatch therefore after connection, replacement or a recharge of the rechargeable battery function of protection against jamming will normally not work can not be ensured. In any of these cases it is necessary to bring the electrohatch into normal situation.