1.6.2. Schedule of maintenance

At operation of the car inevitably there are such processes as weakening of fastening of knots and units, wear of the rubbing surfaces, violation of adjusting parameters, aging rubber a product and paint and varnish coverings. For the prevention of malfunctions and increase in reliability of the car scheduled preventive maintenance which includes test, adjusting, lubricant works, and also replacement of separate details through a certain run is provided.
This subsection is intended to help the motorist to support the car in good repair, to reduce operational fuel consumption and oils and to prolong car service life. The general plan of scheduled preventive maintenance of the car which the subsections describing maintenance operations in more detail follow is provided in subsection. The drawings of a motor compartment and bottom of a body of the car provided further in the book allow to gain an impression about an arrangement of basic elements. Carrying out maintenance according to the provided plan will provide long and reliable service of the car.
This plan of maintenance is full therefore it is recommended to perform all operations of maintenance with the specified frequency. At service of the car you will notice that performance of some operations can be combined with carrying out others – it follows from essence of operations of maintenance. For example, if you lifted the car for carrying out any operation, then elements of system of production of the fulfilled gases can be checked along with check of elements of a suspension bracket or steering. Before work it is necessary to be prepared for carrying out maintenance. Read all description of operation which you are going to execute, and buy tools and spare parts necessary for this purpose. If you faced a problem which you are not able to resolve independently, address experts.
Regular carrying out all necessary operations of maintenance will ensure long and reliable functioning of the engine. If quality of operation of the engine nevertheless worsened, it is necessary to perform the operations described below.
Primary checks:
a) clear, examine and check the accumulator;
b) check the level of oil and cooling liquid;
c) check a state and a tension of driving belts;
d) replace spark plugs;
e) examine an ignition distributor cover, the runner and wires of high voltage;
e) check a condition of the air filter and replace it if it is necessary;
g) check the fuel filter;
h) check a condition of all hoses and examine them on leak existence.
If the operations stated above were not effective, execute additional checks.
Additional checks:
a) check system of recharge of the accumulator;
b) check system of ignition;
c) check a power supply system;
d) replace wires of high voltage;