1.6.1. Data on maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary.
We insistently advise to protect the new car, carrying out maintenance of the Toyota car according to the plan of maintenance, presented on the following pages. Regular maintenance promotes:
– high fuel profitability;
– to the long term of operation of the car;
– to receiving pleasure from driving;
– safety;
– reliability;
– to preservation of guarantee conditions;
– to compliance to regulations.
The Toyota car provides profitability of operation and service. Performance of a number of earlier obligatory points of the plan of maintenance is not required now, or frequency of their performance increased. For ensuring maximum efficiency of operation of the car observe the plan of maintenance.
Where to address for maintenance?
For performance of maintenance it is recommended to deliver the car to the local dealer of Toyota.
The technicians of Toyota consist of well trained experts. Besides, they obtain the latest information for maintenance from technical bulletins, recommendations about maintenance and programs for training at a workplace. They learned to work with the Toyota cars still before getting to work on service of your car. Therefore such decision will be optimum.
Your dealer of Toyota made enough money in special tools and the equipment for maintenance of the Toyota cars. It provides better performance of work on lower prices.
The department of maintenance of your dealer of Toyota will perform for your car all works necessary according to the plan of maintenance, and is reliable and economic.
It is easy to implement many clauses of maintenance independently if you have small technical skills and several main automobile tools.
Nevertheless, consider that for some works on maintenance special tools and skills are required. It is the best of all if these works are performed by the qualified technicians. Even if you have an experience of independent work with mechanics, we recommend that repair work and maintenance your dealer carried out Toyota which will store record about maintenance of your Toyota car. Such record can be useful if you sometime need guarantee maintenance.
You monitor changes in work, the sounds and visual signs indicating the need of maintenance. The following belongs to noticeable signs:
– interruptions, failures or metal knock in the engine;
– noticeable loss of power;
– extraneous noises in the engine;
– leaks under the car (at the same time the water dropping from the air conditioning system after its use is normal);
– change of a sound of an exhaust (it can indicate dangerous leak of carbon monoxide. Open windows and immediately go on the car to a service workshop for check of an exhaust system);
– flat tire; the increased noise of the tire on turn; uneven wear of the tire;
– at the rectilinear movement on the flat road the car takes away aside;
– extraneous noises during the work of a suspension bracket;
– loss of efficiency of brakes; feeling of fall of a pedal of a brake or coupling; the pedal almost concerns a floor; when braking the car takes away aside;
– temperature of cooling liquid of the engine constantly exceeds normal