2f3e5fd0 Towage of the car in emergency situation

If in emergency situation of service in towage are inaccessible, the car can be towed off, having attached a cable or a chain to one of the eyes for towage located under the car. Be extremely attentive at towage of the car.

Fig. 1.158. An arrangement of special eyes for towage of the car

At towage of the car with the automatic transmission use only a forward eye for towage (fig. 1.158).

Be extremely attentive at towage of the car. Avoid a sharp start of motion and chaotic maneuvers which can lead to emergence of excessive load of eyes for towage in emergency situation, a towing cable or a chain. Eyes and a towing cable or a chain can become torn and become the reason of a serious trauma or damage.
Use only the cable or a chain which are specially intended for towage of cars. The cable or a chain should be attached reliably to the available eyes for towage.

Before towage release the parking brake and install the transmission in neutral situation (the mechanical transmission) or in situation "N" (the automatic transmission). The key has to be in the provision of "ASS" (the engine is switched off) or "ON" (the engine works).