2f3e5fd0 Replacement of wheels

Remove nuts of a wheel and replace tires.
Remove a flat tire, having pulled it aside, and postpone it.

Fig. 1.154. Installation of a spare wheel

Drive a spare wheel in the necessary situation and combine openings in a wheel with bolts. After that lift a wheel and pass the top bolt throughout an opening. Shake a wheel and put on it other bolts (fig. 1.154).
Before installation of a wheel remove all rust from an assembly surface of a wheel by means of a wire brush or the similar tool. Lack of strong contact between metal surfaces at installation of wheels can lead to weakening of nuts of a wheel and to become the wheel detachment reason during the movement.
Establish all nuts of a wheel on the places and tighten them a hand.

Fig. 1.155. Installation and an inhaling of nuts of fastening of a wheel in manual

Establish wheel nuts (the narrowed end inside) on the places and as it is possible stronger tighten their hand (fig. 1.155). Press the tire and try to tighten nuts even stronger.
Completely lower the car and tighten wheel nuts.
To lower the car, turn the jack handle counterclockwise.
Tightening nuts, use only a wheel wrench. Do not use other tools or any additional levers, except hands, for example, the hammer, a pipe or legs. Make sure that the key reliably hooks on a nut.

Fig. 1.156. Order of tightening of wheel nuts

Tighten each nut gradually for once in specified in the drawing 1.156 sequences. Repeat this process to a full inhaling of all nuts.

Before lowering of the car be convinced that after lowering the car does not injure you or people around.
After replacement of a wheel of a nut of a wheel it is necessary to tighten as soon as possible a dynamometer key with torque 103 N · m (10,5 kgfs · м). Can lead non-performance of this condition to weakening of nuts and a detachment of wheels and to become the reason of serious accident.

Establish a decorative cap of a wheel into place.
Combine a cut on a decorative cap with a rating nipple core.
Strongly press a hand one party of a decorative cap of a wheel, then kill with a palm other party along an edge of a decorative cap to latch it.
Check air pressure in the replaced tire.
Adjust air pressure to the required level. If pressure is provided below, slowly reach to the nearest car repair shop and pump up the tire to necessary level.
Do not forget to establish into place a cap of the inflatable gate of the tire as dirt and moisture can get to a core of the gate that can lead to air leak. If the cap was lost, as soon as possible establish a new cap.