2f3e5fd0 Installation of a jack

Before poddomkrachivaniiy the vehicle has to be unloaded. Never lift a jack the loaded vehicle.
At dismantle of heavy units, such as the engine or the transmission, the center of gravity of the vehicle it can be displaced. For stabilization of the vehicle use freight, having placed it so that it could not be displaced; or use an additional jack.

Fig. 1.151. Special rubber pokladka on support

When using a jack and support on horizontal surfaces always use an antiretractable emphasis. Use support with rubber laying, as shown in the figure 1.151.

Fig. 1.152. Points of installation of an automobile jack

It is necessary to establish a jack in the point intended for this purpose, as shown in the figure 1.152.
When raising forward wheels lower the lever of the drive of the parking brake system and establish an antiretractable emphasis only behind back wheels. When raising back wheels establish an antiretractable emphasis only before forward wheels. The jack has to be used together with a support. When raising only of lobbies or only back wheels establish an antiretractable emphasis on both sides of the wheels standing on the earth.

Fig. 1.153. Raising of the car by means of a mobile jack

Having convinced that in the car there are no people, lift it on height sufficient for installation of the spare tire (fig. 1.153).

When using the four-rack-mount elevator follow the procedures of safety described in the instruction to the elevator. Observe precautionary measures that the wheel beam did not damage the tire or a wheel. Use an antiretractable emphasis for prevention of movement of the vehicle.