2f3e5fd0 Removal of a decorative cap of a wheel (for cars with steel disks)

Fig. 1.149. Removal of a decorative cap

Take off a decorative cap of a wheel (fig. 1.149).

Fig. 1.150. Weakening of an inhaling of nuts of fastening of a wheel

Take off a decorative cap of a wheel by means of the slanted end of a wheel wrench, as shown in the figure 1.150.
Weaken all nuts of a wheel.
Always weaken wheel nuts before a car raising.
To weaken wheel nuts, rotate them counterclockwise. to receive the maximum effort, establish a key on a nut so that the handle appeared on the right, as shown in the drawing above. Take a wrench near the end of the handle and pull for the handle up. You watch that the key did not come off a nut.
At this stage do not remove a nut but only unscrew them approximately half way.

Never you apply oil or lubricants on bolts or nuts. It can lead to weakening of nuts and a detachment of wheels and to become the reason of serious accident.