2f3e5fd0 If the engine of the car overheats

Overheat of cooling liquid of the engine according to indications of the index, loss of power, a loud detonation or the hooting noise testify to a probable overheat of the engine. In this case it is necessary to execute the following.
1. Carefully move down after the journey, stop the car and turn on the alarm system. Install the transmission in situation "P" (the automatic transmission) or in neutral situation (the mechanical transmission) and involve the parking brake. If air conditioning is included, switch off it.
2. If from a radiator or a tank cooling liquid or steam evaporate, stop the engine. It is necessary to open a cowl only after the evaporation termination. If cooling liquid does not boil and does not evaporate, do not stop the engine and be convinced that the electric fan of cooling works. If the fan does not work, switch off ignition.
3. Look whether there is no visible leak of cooling liquid from a radiator, hoses and under the car. Pay attention that the water effluence from the air conditioning system after its work is not malfunction.
4. At detection of leak of cooling liquid immediately stop the engine.
5. In the absence of visible leaks check a tank of cooling liquid. If the tank is empty, fill in in it cooling liquid at the working engine. Fill it approximately to a half.
6. After fall of temperature of cooling liquid of the engine to normal double-check the level of cooling liquid in a tank. If necessary add it to a half. Considerable lowering of the level of cooling liquid demonstrates existence of leak in system.