2f3e5fd0 Simple checks

Before check surely perform the procedure of start and be convinced available enough fuel. Try to start the engine by means of other keys. If it works well, perhaps, your key is faulty. Check a key at your dealer of Toyota. If any of keys does not work, malfunction in system of blocking of the engine is possible. Address your dealer of Toyota.
If the engine is not turned or turned too slowly:
1. Check plugs of the rechargeable battery and be convinced that they are hardly tightened and are not polluted;
2. If plugs of the rechargeable battery as it should be, include illumination of salon;
3. If lighting vanishes, grows dull or dies away when the starter turns a bent shaft of the engine, so the rechargeable battery is discharged. In this case it is possible to try to start the engine by means of the additional rechargeable battery.

Do not try to start the engine by towage or pushing. It can lead to damage of the car or to become the collision reason after start of the engine. Besides, there is a danger of an overheat of the three-channel catalytic converter with the subsequent ignition.

If the engine is turned at a normal speed, but not started:
1. Perhaps, the engine is filled in with gasoline as a result of a repeated provorachivaniye of a bent shaft;
2. If the engine nevertheless is not started, it demands adjustment or repair. Address the dealer of Toyota or in authorized repair shop.