2f3e5fd0 Driving of the car during the winter period

More severe service conditions in winter time result in stronger wear of details and knots of the car. To minimize problems of winter operation you have to follow the recommendations given below.

Movement on snow or ice.
For the movement on deep snow you, perhaps, will need installation of winter tires or chains of antisliding. In case of need installations of winter tires, choose tires of standard type and the size. Failure to follow this requirement can adversely affect safety and controllability of the car. Driving with a high speed, sharp acceleration, sharp braking or sharp passing of turns is very dangerous. In need of braking as much as possible use braking by the engine. Sharp braking on the snow-covered and covered with ice roads can lead to a car drift. It is necessary to observe a distance to the ahead car and to press smoothly a brake pedal.
It should be noted that installation of chains of antisliding provides big passability, but does not prevent side drifts.

Use of chains of antisliding can be forbidden in some regions (countries).

Use of cooling liquid for the engine.
Use only Toyota Super Long Life Coolant cooling liquid (Toyota cooling liquid with superlong service life) or the high-quality liquid of etilenglikolevy type equivalent to it which is not containing silicates, amines, nitrites and borat, created on the basis of hybrid organic acids and having long service life. Cooling liquid on the basis of hybrid organic acids with long service life represents a combination of organic acids to the low content of phosphates.
Toyota Super Long Life Coolant cooling liquid (Toyota cooling liquid with superlong service life) represents the mix containing 50% of coolant and 50% of the deionized water. This cooling liquid provides protection up to the temperature about -35 °C.

Check a condition of the rechargeable battery and cables.
Low temperatures lead to decrease in capacity of any rechargeable battery therefore it has to be at best for ensuring sufficient power for start during the winter period. Your dealer of Toyota, and also experts of most service stations with pleasure will execute check of level of a charge.

Make sure that viscosity of engine oil is suitable for cold weather.
Use of heavy summer oil in your car in winter months can lead to difficulty of start of the engine.

Protect door locks from freezing.
Enter means against frosting of the lock or glycerin into locks for their protection from freezing.

Use windscreen washer liquid which contains antifreeze solution.
This production is available for your dealer of Toyota and in most shops of auto parts. Information on proportions when mixing liquid with water see in indications of manufacturer.

Do not use the parking brake if there is a probability of its freezing.
At the parking install the transmission in situation "P" (the automatic transmission), or turn on the first or reverse gear (the mechanical transmission) and enclose blocks under back wheels. Do not use the parking brake because the snow or water which collected in and around the mechanism of the parking brake can freeze, having made difficult its shutdown.

Do not allow accumulation of ice and snow under wings.
The ice and snow which collected under wings can complicate steering. During driving during the winter period periodically stop and check a condition of surfaces under wings.

Equipment for emergencies.
Depending on weight of service conditions in the region where you use the car, you have to have the equipment for emergencies. Antisliding chains, towing cables (chains), signal lights, a shovel, special wires (for launch of the engine from an external source of electric energy), a scraper for purification of glasses, gloves, a laying, covers, a blanket, etc. can be required by you.
When jamming the car in snow, or in sand include the second transfer in dirt and try to touch the car from the place, smoothly pressing an accelerator pedal. If necessary it is possible to include the first transfer. Use an accelerator pedal accurately not to cause intensive pro-slipping of forward driving wheels.
To release the car, use the suitable make-shifts interfering pro-slipping of driving wheels (an antisliding chain, adding under wheels of sand, gravel, etc.).