2f3e5fd0 Before launch of the engine

1. Examine the place around the car before sitting down in it.
2. Adjust the provision of a seat, a seatback corner, seat pillow height, height of a head restraint and a tilt angle of a steering wheel.
3. Adjust internal and external rear-view mirrors.
4. Lock all doors.
5. Fasten seat belts.
Reliably involve the parking brake.
Switch off unnecessary lighting and the service equipment.
Mechanical transmission: press a coupling pedal to a floor and switch the transmission to neutral situation. Hold a pedal of coupling pressed to a floor before start of the engine.
Automatic transmission:
install the selector lever in situation "P". If you need to restart the engine during the movement of the car, install the selector lever in situation "N". The safety device of a starter will interfere with work of a starter if the lever of the selector is installed in any situation for driving.
Only the automatic transmission: press a pedal of a brake and you hold it pressed to a floor prior to the movement.
Check pressure in tires by means of the manometer and attentively examine tires on lack of cuts, damages or excessive wear.
Nuts of wheels. Make sure that all nuts are on the places and are not weakened.
Liquid leak. After the parking of the car during certain time check under the bottom whether there is no leak of fuel, oil, water or liquid. The water dropping from the air conditioning system after use is normal.
Light signals. Make sure that headlights, stoplights, back lamps, indexes of turns and other light signals work normally. Check adjustment of headlights.
Make sure that you did not forget a jack and a wheel wrench.
Make sure that the pedal of a brake has a sufficient gap from a floor.
Be convinced available spare fuses. It is necessary to have safety locks of all face values specified on a cover of the block of fuses.
Make sure that the level of cooling liquid is corresponding.
Check a condition of the rechargeable battery on color of the indicator. Examine whether there is no corrosion or weakening of plugs and cracks in the case. Check a condition of cables and connections.
Check pipelines of supply of fuel for lack of leak or the weakened connections.