2f3e5fd0 Precautionary measures of rather exhaust gases of the engine

– Avoid inhalation of exhaust gases of the engine. They contain carbon monoxide – flavourless colourless gas. It can lead to loss of consciousness or even by death.
– Make sure that the exhaust system has no openings or the weakened connections. The system has to be checked from time to time. If you notice change in an exhaust sound, immediately check system.
– Do not allow operation of the engine in a garage or the closed space, except as for time demanded for entrance or departure of the car. Exhaust gases will not have an exit that will create very dangerous situation.
– Do not remain for long time in the parked car at the working engine. However, if it is inevitable, do it only in the open place and adjust a heating system or coolings so that it forced fresh external air in the car.
– You hold a trunk lid closed during driving. The open or leaky closed trunk lid can lead to tightening of exhaust gases in the car.
– For ensuring appropriate work of ventilating system of your car you contain inlet lattices before a windshield pure from snow, leaves and other obstacles.
– If you feel a smell of exhaust gases in the car, go with open windows and the closed trunk lid. Immediately find and remove the cause.