2f3e5fd0 Three-channel catalytic converters

Fig. 1.136. Types three-channel catalytic converters

Three-channel catalytic converter is the device of decrease in toxicity of an exhaust installed in the exhaust system (fig. 1.136).
Its purpose is reduction of amount of pollutants in exhaust gases.

A large amount of the not burned down gases entering the three-channel catalytic converter can cause its overheat and create danger of the fire. For prevention of it and other damages below a precautionary measure observe given.
– Use only unleaded gasoline.
– Do not continue driving of the car at extremely low level of fuel; full expenditure of fuel can lead to interruptions in engine ignition, creating excessive load of the three-channel catalytic converter.
– Do not allow the engine to idle more than 20 min.
– Avoid to give to the engine full gas.
– Do not start your car pushing or towage.
– Do not switch off ignition during the movement of the car.
– Support your engine in the good working condition. Malfunctions in electric system of the engine, system of electronic ignition / to system of the distributor of ignition or in fuel system can result in extremely high temperature of the three-channel catalytic converter.
– If the engine becomes difficult to be started or it it will become frequent to become deaf, deliver your car for check as soon as possible. You remember, your dealer of Toyota knows your car and its system of the three-channel catalytic converter it is the best of all.
– For ensuring appropriate operation of the three-channel catalytic converter and all system of decrease in toxicity of an exhaust it is necessary to carry out periodic inspections of your car according to the plan of maintenance of Toyota.