2f3e5fd0 Usual mode of the movement

Leave system included at the usual mode of the movement that it was activated if necessary.
At start of the engine, or right after a car start of motion, in an engine compartment you can hear a sound within several seconds. It means that the mode of self-testing of a control system of draft is included, and does not indicate malfunction.
During the work of a control system of draft there can be following situations:

Fig. 1.128. Control lamp of inclusion of a control system of draft

– the system regulates rotation of forward wheels. At this time the control lamp of sliding (fig. 1.128) blinks;
– you can feel vibration or hear noise, arising during the work of brakes. It means that the system functions normally.
The indicator lamp of sliding joins for several seconds at turn of the ignition key in the provision of "ON".