2f3e5fd0 Task of the necessary speed

On cars with the automatic transmission before a speed task a cruise control the lever of the selector has to be installed in situation "D".

Fig. 1.135. Control lever speed task modes system of course stability

Accelerate the car to the necessary speed, press the lever down, in the direction of the inscription "-SET", and release. It will allow to install the car on this speed. If this speed does not arrange, take away the lever for increase in speed up or take away it for reduction of speed down. Each branch changes the established speed to 1,6 km/h. Then it is possible to take away a leg from a pedal of an accelerator (fig. 1.135).
If it is necessary to accelerate the movement, for example when overtaking, press an accelerator pedal so that the speed of the car exceeded the set speed. At a pedal otpuskaniye the speed of the car will return to the speed established before acceleration.

For mechanical transmissions: at the movement with included in a cruise control do not switch to neutral transfer without pressing of a pedal of coupling as it can cause a rating or operation of the engine on too high turns.