2f3e5fd0 System of course stability (cruise control)

The cruise control allows to drive at the necessary speed over 40 km/h, without pressing an accelerator pedal.
At the same time speed can be supported on rises or on descents within performance data of the engine though at the movement on rises or on descents there can be a little change of speed. On more steep slopes the range of change of speed increases therefore it is better to go without use a cruise control.

– For maintenance of the maximum controllability of the car do not use a cruise control at the movement in the conditions of the difficult or changing traffic, or on slippery (wet, icy or snow-covered) or twisting roads.
– Avoid increase in speed of the car at the movement downhill. If the speed of the car is too big in comparison with speed a cruise control, switch off a cruise control, then be switched to the lowering transfer for reduction of speed with braking use by the engine.