2f3e5fd0 The ignition lock with steering blocking

"START" – inclusion of a starter. At an otpuskaniye the key comes back to the provision of "ON".
"ON" – turning on of the engine and all service equipment, normal situation at the movement.
"ASS" – the service equipment, for example the radio receiver, works, but the engine is switched off.
The Zummerny signal reminds of need to take out a key when opening a door of the driver when the ignition key is in the provision of "ASS" or "LOCK".
"LOCK" – the engine is switched off, and the steering wheel is blocked. The key can be taken out only in it, situation.
For turn of the ignition key from the provision of "ASS" in the provision of "LOCK" press a key. On cars with the automatic transmission before pressing of a key the lever of the selector has to be installed in situation "P".
At taking out of a key the system of blocking of the engine automatically joins.

Fig. 1.124. Working provisions of the lock of ignition

At start of the engine can seem that the key is blocked in the provision of "LOCK". For extraction at first be convinced that the key is inserted against the stop, and then slightly twist a steering wheel, accurately turning a key.

Do not leave a key in the provision of "ON" at the idle engine. It can lead to a discharge of the rechargeable battery and damage of ignition.