1.4.1. The recommended fuel

Operation of the car in other countries
Gas station of the car from barrels and land capacities
Running in period

The choice of the correct fuel is very important for satisfactory performance data of the engine.
On the damage of the engine caused by use of inappropriate fuel, the guarantee of your new Toyota car does not extend.
Use only unleaded gasoline.
To help to avoid confusion at the fuelling station, your car has smaller mouth of the fuel tank. The special nozzle which is put on pumps with unleaded fuel will approach it, and the big standard nozzle on pumps with ethylated gasoline will not approach.
Engines 1AZ-FE and a 2ag-Ra – use unleaded gasoline of the superior quality with octane number not less than 95 by a research method.
The IMZ-FE engine – use gasoline in octane number not less than 91. that the car worked better, we recommend to use unleaded gasoline of the superior quality with octane number not less than 95 by a research method.
Use of fuel with octane number below will lead provided to a constant heavy detonation. Eventually, it will lead to damage of the engine.
If you find a heavy detonation even when using of the recommended fuel or if you hear a steady detonation at maintenance of constant speed on flat roads, consult at your dealer of Toyota.
However you can sometimes notice an easy detonation during small time at acceleration or the movement uphill. It is normal and should not be the cause for concern.

Capacity of the fuel tank of the Toyota Camry car – 70 l.

For an exception of casual filling of the fuel tank with ethylated gasoline the mouth of a tank is executed with the narrowing which is not allowing to insert into it a branch pipe of the distributing crane which on columns with ethylated gasoline has bigger diameter.
Use of methanol as motor fuel is forbidden.
The Toyota cars cannot be operated on gasoline which contains methanol (wood alcohol). It will lead to deterioration in operational properties of the car and damage of details of a power supply system by fuel.
Guarantee certificates of the manufacturer do not extend to any damages of a power supply system by fuel and deterioration in operational indicators of the engine which are a consequence of use of the methanol or fuel containing methanol.