2f3e5fd0 Check and replacement of the filter of air conditioning

The filter of air conditioning can get littered after long use. At strong decrease in efficiency of functioning of a stream of air of the air conditioning system and a heater or if windows very easily mist over in the FRESH mode, the filter needs to be replaced.
For maintenance of efficiency of air conditioning check and replace the air conditioning filter according to the plan of maintenance.

Fig. 1.120. Untwisting of the screw of fastening of a box for gloves

Open a box for gloves. Turn off the screw by means of the crosswise screw-driver and shift a hook, as shown in the figure 1.120.

Fig. 1.121. A detachment of clips of fastening of a box for gloves

Press on both parties of a box for gloves to disconnect clips (fig. 1.121).

Fig. 1.122. Extraction of the case of the filter

Take the filter case from the filter outlet, as shown in the figure 1.122.

Fig. 1.123. Extraction of a core of the filter from the filter case

Take a filter core from the case of the filter (fig. 1.123).
Check the surface of the filter.
If it is polluted only in moderate degree, it can be cleared a purge compressed air from the return surface. Do not wash and do not grease the filter.
If it dirty, it needs to be replaced.

The air filter has to be installed on the place properly. Use of air conditioning with the taken air filter can lead to deterioration in a pylenepronitsayemost and further affect quality of air conditioning.