1.2. Dashboard, governing bodies and combination of devices

Devices, counters and control indicators
 Index of level of fuel
 Index of temperature of cooling liquid of the engine
 Odometer and two counters of a run
 Signaling devices and indicators, the sound warning signals
 Check of control indicators (except a control lamp of low level of fuel)
Understeering switches and system of lighting
 System of automatic switching off of lighting
 Independent adjustment of light bunches of headlights of head light
 Preparation for adjustment of light of headlights (with use of the screen)
 Check of adjustment of headlights
 Adjustment of headlights
 Switching mode "distant-near" light of headlights
 Regulator of level of light of headlights
 Alarm system
 Dashboard illumination regulator
 Forward fog lights
 Back fog lights
 Illumination of salon
 System of lighting at an entrance
 Ignition lock illumination
 Individual illuminations
 Screen wipers and windscreen washer of a windshield
 Cleaners of headlights
 Heaters of back glass and external rear-view mirrors
Equipment of salon, wheel and rear-view mirrors
 Display of external temperature
 Multipurpose display
 Lighter and ashtrays
 Sound signal
 Food sockets
 Box for gloves
 Auxiliary ware boxes
 Box of the back console
 Forward and back holders for cups
 Grid for freights
 Back sun-protection blind
 Inclination of a steering wheel
 External rear-view mirrors
 Control of the electric drive of external rear-view mirrors
 Folding of external rear-view mirrors
 Internal rear-view mirror
 Individual mirrors
 Front seats
 Back seats
Systems of passive safety
 Seat belts
 Use of seat belts
 Care of seat belts
 Features of use of seat belts by pregnant women
 Prednatyazhiteli of seat belts of front seats
 Safety of children
 Installation of a children's seat by means of ALR/ELR seat belt
 Installation of a children's folding seat
 Use of the top belt at installation of a children's folding seat
 Installation by means of rigid fastenings of ISOFIX (system of fastening of a children's seat ISOFIX)
 SRS airbags of the driver and forward passenger
 Preostorozhnost measures voizbezhany operations of the SRS systems
 Side SRS airbags
 Side airbags and shtorkovy SRS airbags