2f3e5fd0 Use of the top belt at installation of a children's folding seat

Fig. 1.105. The scheme of installation of a children's folding seat with use of the top belt

Use a fixing arm on the shelf behind back seats for fastening верхнегоремня. Fixing arms are established for each back seat. The special symbol indicates an arrangement of a fixing arm (fig. 1.105).
1. Remove a head restraint.
2. Open a cover of a fixing arm.
3. Strongly fix a children's seat by a seat seat belt. Fix a hook for a fixing arm and tighten the top belt.
4. Establish a head restraint into place and lift in extreme top situation before fixing.

Make sure that the top belt is reliably fixed, and make sure that the children's seat is also reliably fixed, having tried to shake it diversely. Carry out all instructions of manufacturer for installation.