2f3e5fd0 Care of seat belts

You watch that seat belts were always dry and pure. It is necessary to exclude a possibility of hit on tapes of seat belts of the polishing structures, oils and other chemicals, especially accumulator acid. Day of cleaning of belts it is possible to apply water solution of soft soap.
It is forbidden to use the bleaching substances and dyes as it can lead to loss of durability of material of belts. Check belts for existence of cuts and traces of a mastication about sharp edges of surrounding objects, and also signs of other damages.
Periodically check a condition of all knots of system of seat belts, at detection of malfunctions replace unusable details and knots. Belts which experienced big strain at the road accident have to be replaced with new.
It is recommended to replace those belts which fastened the driver and passengers after the road accident. Replacement should be carried out completely. If the road accident was small, replacement of seat belts can not be required. The official dealer of Toyota after careful inspection of technical condition and check of functioning of seat belts has to make the decision on need of replacement of seat belts. Seat belts which were not used at the time of the road accident also have to be checked. At detection of damages or violations of normal functioning of mechanisms these belts also should be replaced.