2f3e5fd0 Use of seat belts

In order to avoid receiving serious injuries at the road accident or sharp maneuver of the car always use seat belts. Observe the requirements given below concerning rules of use of seat belts (including together with children's seats), and also care of seat belts.
– Adjust a seat belt so that it as it is possible more densely adjoined to a body.
– Bring a seatback into situation, the closest to vertical and accepted under the terms of comfort and convenience of driving.
– Do not incline a seatback back on a big corner on the run of the car.
– It is forbidden to use a seat belt with the overwound tape.
– It is forbidden to pass a humeral branch of a belt under the hand located from a door.
– The humeral branch of a belt has to settle down in the middle of a shoulder, and not on a neck at all.
– The zone seat belt has to adjoin densely to hips, but not settle down on a waist.
Too high arrangement of a zone belt and weak preliminary tension of a humeral branch of a seat belt can become a cause of death or serious traumatizing at the road accident. At front blow of the car such seat belt will not be able to execute the protective function as the fastened person will slide off under a belt.

Misuse of seat belts leads to increase in weight of the injuries got by the driver and passengers at the road accident.

– The button of an otstegivaniye of a bracket of a belt has to be located from the outer side. The bracket of each belt has to be fastened to the corresponding buckle.
– It is forbidden to place any foreign objects in a cut of the panel of an upholstery of salon through which there passes the tape of a seat belt at a pulling and retraction in the inertial mechanism. It can lead to blocking of the inertial mechanism or damage of a tape of a belt.

If the seat belt was blocked at a pulling from the inertial mechanism, it is necessary to release a belt and to allow it to be reeled up completely on the coil of the inertial mechanism. After that again smoothly extend a belt at the necessary length and fasten it to a buckle.