2f3e5fd0 SRS airbags of the driver and forward passenger

Forward SRS airbags (Supplemental Restraint System-auxiliary a security system) are designed for ensuring additional protection of the driver and the forward passenger, in addition to the main protection provided with seat belts.
At strong blow in front forward SRS airbags work by inflation along with seat belts for reduction of a trauma. Forward SRS airbags help to reduce injuries, mainly, the head or a thorax of the driver or the forward passenger from direct stroke about a steering wheel or the dashboard. The airbag of the forward passenger will be put in action even if on a front seat there is no passenger. Do not forget to fasten your seat belt properly.

The driver or passenger on a front seat sitting too close to a steering wheel or the dashboard at expansion of a pneumopillow can suffer serious injuries or die. Toyota strongly recommends the following:
– the driver has to sit as it is possible further from a steering wheel, providing control over the car;
– the forward passenger has to sit as it is possible further from the dashboard;
– all people who are in the car have to be fastened by the available seat belts.

The system of forward SRS airbags is intended for operation in response to strong blow in front in the shaded area between shooters in the drawing.
Forward SRS airbags work if force of blow exceeds settlement limit, comparable on force with influence from direct collision against a motionless obstacle which at the same time is not displaced and is not deformed, at a speed of cars about 25 km/h of (km/h).
If force of blow does not exceed the limit stated above, then forward SRS airbags can not work.
However threshold value of speed will be much higher if the car collides such object as the parked car or a road sign which can move or be deformed at blow or at the lower collision (for example when a forward part of the car "comes around" under a truck body, etc.).
There is a probability that in certain cases at collision in the lower zone of sensitivity and operation of sensors of system of SRS airbags and natyazhitel of seat belts will not work at the same time.
For safety of all passengers they have to be always properly fastened by seat belts.

Fig. 1.108. Typical emergency cases at which safety cushions work

Forward SRS airbags are designed in such a way that they will not be inflated if the car undergoes side-winder or behind if it turns over or if it is involved in forward collision at a low speed (fig. 1.108).
Forward SRS airbags can work in case of the strong blow influencing the lower part of your car.

Fig. 1.109. Components of the SRS system of the driver and passenger

The system of SRS airbags consists of the following main components which arrangement is shown in the figure 1.109:
1. Sensors of forward airbags;
2. Control lamp of the SRS system;
3. The airbag module for the forward passenger (the airbag and the delivery device);
4. Switch of a buckle of a seat belt of a seat of the driver;
5. Sensor of provision of a seat of the driver;
6. Knot of sensors of airbags;
7. The airbag module for the driver (the airbag and the delivery device).
The knot of sensors of airbags consists of sensors of admissible influence and sensors of operation of airbags.
In response to strong blow in front the sensor defines delay of speed of the movement, and the system puts delivery devices of airbags in action. At this moment chemical reaction in delivery devices quickly fills airbags with nontoxical gas to keep passengers from advance.
When filling airbags quite loud noise will be heard, and a little smoke from the remains of nontoxical gas will be emitted. It is not an ignition sign. This gas is usually harmless; however with sensitive skin it can cause insignificant irritation of skin in people. Do not forget to wash away the remains as soon as possible for prevention even of small irritation of skin.
Operation of airbags happens in fractions of a second therefore airbags have to be inflated with significant force. In spite of the fact that the system is intended for reduction of serious injuries, she can become the reason of small burns, grazes and tumors.
Parts of the module of the airbag (nave of a steering wheel, the dashboard) can be hot within several minutes, however the airbag does not heat up. Airbags are intended only for single use.
At rather strong blow at which airbags work the windshield can break. In cars with the airbag for the passenger the windshield can be also damaged under the influence of force filling the airbag.