2f3e5fd0 Installation by means of rigid fastenings of ISOFIX (system of fastening of a children's seat ISOFIX)

Fig. 1.106. The children's seats supplied with rigid fastenings of ISOFIX

Special fixing bars for system of fastening of a children's seat conform to requirements of ISO and are established on a back seat (fig. 1.106).
These bars are established in gaps between a pillow and a back of both side back seats.

Fig. 1.107. The scheme of installation of the children's seat supplied rigid krepleny ISOFIX

The children's seat according to requirements of ISO fastens by means of these special fixing bars. In this case there is no need to fix a children's seat by means of a seat belt (fig. 1.107).
1. Increase a gap between a pillow and a seatback a little and record the provision of special fixing bars about the button on a seatback.
2. Latch buckles on bars.
If the children's seat has the top belt, then it needs to be fixed. Apply for detailed information on installation to the operation manual attached to each product.

When using special fixing bars for system of fastening of a children's seat check that about bars there were no foreign objects, and seat belts were not clamped.
Press and pull a children's seat diversely to be convinced of reliability of fixing. Carry out all instructions for installation of manufacturer of a children's seat.
Do not establish a children's seat on a back seat of the car if it interferes with the mechanism of fixing of front seats. It can lead to a serious trauma or death of the child and forward passenger in case of unexpected braking or collision.