1.2.5. Seats

Front seats
 Precautionary measures at adjustment of seats
 Adjustment of front seats
 Adjustment of front seats with manual adjustment
 Adjustment of front seats with the servo-driver
Back seats
 Folding of a back seat
 System of heating of seats (additional equipment)
 Forward and back head restraints

During the movement of the car of a seatback of all passengers have to be in vertical position, and passengers have to sit conveniently, having leaned back on backs and to be properly fastened by seat belts.
Adjust the driver's seat so that the driver had a convenient access to foot pedals, a steering wheel and controls of the dashboard.

Fig. 1.91. General view of front and back seats of the Camry car

Do not begin the movement until all passengers are on the places. Do not allow passengers to sit on the put seatback, in a luggage compartment or in a cargo zone. The persons who are incorrectly sitting and/or are not fastened by seat belts in an inadequate way can suffer serious injuries in case of emergency braking or collision.
Do not allow passengers to rise or move on salon during driving. In case of emergency braking or collision it is possible to suffer serious injuries.