2f3e5fd0 Forward and back head restraints

Fig. 1.100. Scheme of adjustment of forward and back head restraints

Head restraints provide effective protection against getting injured of a neck at blow of the car behind. For performance of the protective function head restraints have to be always correctly adjusted. Check correctness of adjustment of a head restraint after the seat was used by other passenger. For ensuring your safety and comfort adjust head restraints before driving (fig. 1.100).
For rise: pull top.
For lowering: press, holding the unblocking button.
Back head restraints – when on a back seat the passenger sits, lift a back armrest up to the provision of blocking.
The head restraint is most effective when it is located close to the head. Therefore it is not recommended to use a pillow on a seatback.

After adjustment of a head restraint be convinced that it is recorded on the place. You do not drive the car with the removed head restraints.