2f3e5fd0 Folding of a back seat

Fig. 1.96. Retracting buckles of belts of safety

Lay buckles of seat belts of back side seats, as shown in the figure 1.96.
1. Pull the blocking lever of safety 1 in the provision of an unblocking up.
2. Pull the button of an unblocking 2.

Fig. 1.97. Folding of a back seat

3. Put a back seat (fig. 1.97).
Each seat can be put separately. It will lead to increase in volume of a luggage carrier up to front seats.
At installation of seats back in vertical position observe the following precautionary measures to prevent getting injured at a sudden stop or collision.
– Make sure that the seat is fixed, for this purpose move a seatback for the top part of a seat forward and back; also be convinced that the red mark in the button in the top part of a seat is not visible. Failure to follow this requirement interferes with operation of a seat belt properly.
– Make sure that seat belts are not overwound or are not jammed under a seat, and are in proper position and are ready to use.