2f3e5fd0 Front seats

Precautionary measures at adjustment of seats
Adjustment of front seats
Adjustment of front seats with manual adjustment
Adjustment of front seats with the servo-driver

Seats of the driver and the forward passenger with the servo-driver of adjustment are established on all models for increase in comfort as an option.
The used eight-position servo-driver of adjustment is developed on the basis of six-position from the previous model to which it was added by the mechanism of adjustment of provision of a pillow of a seat.
Side SRS airbags are installed in seats of the driver and forward passenger. Observe the following precautionary measures.
– Do not lean the elbows about a forward door when driving the car as the side airbag is inflated with the high speed and force. Otherwise, it can lead to death or a serious trauma.
– Do not use accessory to seats which close places from where side airbags are deployed. Such accessories can interfere with normal operation of system of side airbags that can lead to death or a serious trauma.
– Do not modify and do not replace seats or an upholstery of front seats with side airbags. Such changes can put system out of action or lead to casual inflation of side airbags therefore it is possible to die or suffer a serious injury Consult at your dealer of Toyota if you insist on modification such.