2f3e5fd0 Food sockets

Fig. 1.79. Arrangement of sockets of food

Sockets of food are intended for giving of power supply for auxiliary accessories of the car (fig. 1.79).
To use food sockets, it is necessary to transfer a key to the provision of "ASS" or "ON".
For prevention of burn-out of a safety lock do not use electric devices which power exceeds the general power of the car equal 72 VI120 W (12 V / 120 W).
For prevention of a discharge of the rechargeable battery do not use food sockets longer, than it is necessary at the idle engine.
Close covers of sockets of food if sockets of food are not used. The insert of foreign objects, except the corresponding plugs which approach this socket or hit of any liquid in the socket can result in malfunction of electric system or short circuit.