2f3e5fd0 External rear-view mirrors

Fig. 1.86. Naruzhy rear-view mirror

The mirror of the driver is a mirror of expanded visibility, with various curvature and the dividing line. It provides different perception of a distance by an internal and external part of the dividing line of a mirror. Objects on an external part of a mirror look farther, than on internal (fig. 1.86).
By pressing the switch of a stekloobogrevatel of a back window of the panel of heaters in external rear-view mirrors will quickly make surfaces transparent. For rear-view mirrors cleaning is provided during a rain.

It is forbidden to regulate a mirror at the movement of the car. It can lead to loss of driving and accident, and as a result to serious injuries or death. As surfaces of mirrors can heat up to high temperature, do not touch them at the switched-on switch of heaters.