2f3e5fd0 System of lighting at an entrance

If the switch is in the provision of "DOOR", then lighting joins when opening any door. After closing of all doors lighting remains included during about 15 with, then is switched off.
But in the following cases lighting is switched off at once.
– All doors are closed, the ignition key in the provision of "ASS" or "ON".
– The ignition key is turned in the provision of "ASS" or "ON" after closing of all side doors.
– All doors are closed and locked.
If all doors open a key or at the same time a key of wireless remote control, then illumination of salon joins approximately on 15 with, then is switched off.
For prevention of a discharge of the rechargeable battery lighting is automatically switched off at taking out of a key when the door remains opened not less than 20 min., and the switch in the provision of "DOOR".