1.1. Description of the car

Dimensions and new design of a body of the Camry car
Some design features of salon and interior of the new Camry car
 Ware compartment of the console of the dashboard
 Steering wheel
 Front seats
 Computer-controlled seats
 Combination of devices
 Dashboard and central console
 Glass with protection against ultra-violet radiation
 Glass with a water-repellent sheeting
 Automatic glare-free electrochromic rear-view mirror
 Elektorokhromny mirror element
Salon and the dashboard of the car – general information
Identification data of the car
Podkapotny space
Technical characteristics of engines
 Specification for adjustment and control
Filling capacities of units and systems, the recommended operational materials
 The recommended fuel
 The recommended engine oil
 Cooling system
 Rechargeable battery
 Mechanical transmission
 Automatic transmission
 Brake system
Keys, locks of doors, hatch, anticreeping system
 System of blocking of the engine
 Wireless remote device
 Locking and unlocking of doors
 Unlocking of a trunk lid
 Unlocking of a trunk lid by means of a key
 Replacement of a battery in the wireless device of remote control
 Registration of an identification code
 Unlocking and locking of side doors by means of a key
 Unlocking and locking of side doors button of internal blocking
 Unlocking and locking by the switch of blocking of the electric drive of doors
 "Protection against children" device
 The warning system about the unblocked locks
 The hatch on a roof
Cowl, trunk lid lever, hatch of a mouth of the fuel tank
 Opening of a trunk lid from interior of the car and a baggage security system
 Opening of the hatch of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank
Power windows of doors
 Control of the power window of a door of the driver
 Management of electric window regulators of doors of passengers