2f3e5fd0 Opening of a trunk lid from interior of the car and a baggage security system

Fig. 1.41. Trunk lid unblocking lever

To open a trunk lid from a driver's seat, pull the lever of an unblocking (fig. 1.41) up.
The security system of baggage allows to prevent unauthorized access (by means of an auxiliary key) in a luggage carrier by tilting of a back seat or by means of the unblocking lever.
To protect the things left in a luggage carrier from criminal encroachments, follow the following instructions.

Fig. 1.42. Blocking of backs of back seats

1. Open a trunk lid and pull blocking levers of safety down, so you will block backs of back seats (fig. 1.42).
After that try to put them to be convinced that they are really blocked. Otherwise strangers can get into a luggage carrier, having put back seats.

Fig. 1.29. Unlocking of a trunk lid by means of a key

2. Close a trunk lid. Insert the main key and turn it counterclockwise to switch-off the trunk lid unblocking lever (see fig. 1.29).
After that pull the unblocking lever up to be convinced that it is blocked.

The actions described above will help you to ensure the maximum safety of the things which are in a luggage carrier of the car left unguarded.