2f3e5fd0 Unlocking and locking of side doors button of internal blocking

Fig. 1.35. Unlocking and locking of a door button of internal blocking

Move the button of blocking (fig. 1.35).
For locking: press the button forward. For unlocking: pull the button back.
If you want to lock a door outside, install the button in the provision of locking before closing a door. In closing-time of a door the external handle of a door has to be lifted. Be careful, do not lock the keys in the car.
If the car undergoes strong blow in front, behind or sideways, and at the same time the lock of ignition will be in the provision of "ON", all doors will be unblocked automatically.
The door of the driver can be opened from within, even when the internal button of blocking is in the provision of locking.
The door of the driver cannot be locked if you leave a key in the ignition switch at an open door.