2f3e5fd0 Replacement of a battery in the wireless device of remote control

For replacement use the lithium CR1616 battery or the battery equivalent to it and the special screw-driver.

Fig. 1.30. Extraction of the module and case of a key

Turn off the screw, then open a cover. Take out the module from the case of a key (fig. 1.30).

Fig. 1.31. Removal of a cover from the module of the wireless device

Remove two screws for removal of a cover of the module. Take the discharged battery (fig. 1.31).

Fig. 1.32. Installation of a battery in the wireless device

Establish a new battery by the positive plug (fig. 1.32) up.

Fig. 1.33. Installation of a cover of the wireless device of remote control

Establish a cover and fix it by two screws. Before it be convinced that on the module laying is established. Install the module in the case of a key and fix a cover by means of the screw (fig. 1.33).
Having pressed any switch on a wireless key, be convinced that the indicator lamp joins.
After replacement of the rechargeable battery check that the key worked properly.

Make sure that positive and negative plugs of the battery are located correctly rather each other.

Do not replace the battery with moist hands. Moisture can lead to undesirable corrosion.
Do not touch and do not shift components in the transmitter, otherwise it can interfere with its correct work.
Be careful not to bend an electrode at an insert of the battery and that dust or oil did not stick to the case.
Be attentive: do not lose screws and a sealing ring.
Densely close a cover.