Кредитная карта СберБанка СМС 2f3e5fd0 The recommended engine oil

Oil volume (discharge and filling), l:
engine 1AZ-FE:
with the filter – 3,8;
without filter – 3,6.
engine 2AZ-FE:
with the filter – 4,3;
without filter – 4,1.
engine 1MZ-FE:
with the filter – 4,7;
without filter – 4,5.
In the Toyota car Toyota Genuine Motor Oil oil (the original Toyota engine oil) is used. Use the Toyota Genuine Motor Oil oil resolved by the Toyota company or the similar oil satisfying to characteristics and viscosity of the following classes.
Oil grade:
20W-50H 15W-40 – API the class SJ or SL, all-weather engine oil 10W-30h5W-30 – API the class SJ "Energy-Conserving", SL "Energy-Conserving" or the all-weather ILSAC engine oil