1.1.3. Salon and the dashboard of the car – general information

Fig. 1.15. General view of interior of the Camry car

The dashboard smoothly turns into finishing of doors, than the feeling of integrity and a continuity is reached. The finishing panels imitating color and texture of a tree are used in various areas (the conditioner control panel, the central console, etc.) of the dashboard of cars of a complete set of XLE. Functional elements are present at each corner of an interior for increase in comfort and a practicality. The cosmetic mirror is available from the back of a sun-protection peak of all models as the standard equipment. Lighting by the reflected light is standard for models of a complete set of XLE and additional for complete sets of LE and SE.

Fig. 1.16. A general view of the dashboard (cars with left-side management with the mechanical transmission): 1 – exhaust outlets of side heaters; 2-side air vents; 3 – instrument guard; 4 – central ventilating openings