2f3e5fd0 Control of the power window of a door of the driver

Fig. 1.46. Switch of the power window of a door of the driver

Use the switch on a door of the driver (fig. 1.46).
At normal functioning glass moves all the time while you hold the switch.
For opening: slightly press the switch down.
For closing: slightly pull the switch up.
In the automatic mode press the switch down to an emphasis or pull it up to an emphasis, and then release. The window or completely will open, or will completely be closed. To suspend the movement of glass halfway, the switch should be moved slightly in an opposite direction, and then to release.
During automatic closing or closing at the taken-out key glass stops and opens half if between glass and a frame of a window any subject is jammed.
At strong blow to glass this function can work even if nothing is jammed.

Function of protection against jamming can not work if something is jammed just before glass completely is closed.