1.1.1. Dimensions and new design of a body of the Camry car

Fig. 1.1. Camry car dimensions

Fig. 1.2. New headlights and front grille of the Camry car

The new Camry car of 2001-2005 of release has some design features of design of a body. Modern streamline, three-dimensional shapes of a bumper, wings and a cowl give to the car elegant, sports appearance. The car is supplied with new unique headlights and a front grille (fig. 1.2).

Fig. 1.3. New door handles and rear-view mirrors of the Camry car

In a basic equipment all Camry cars are supplied with the chromeplated side molding. Door handles and external rear-view mirrors also got new forms at the expense of which they received the improved aerodynamic properties (fig. 1.3).

Fig. 1.4. The new back combined Camry car lamp

The aperture of the luggage compartment was expanded for increase in convenience of loading and unloading of baggage. For all models as the additional equipment, also back spoiler with an additional lamp of a siganal of braking is offered. The form of the back combined lamp is changed thanks to what the area of the luggage compartment took a streamline form. The double cylinders including a back dimensional lamp and a signal of braking were placed in the center of the back combined lamps down. (fig. 1.4).